Creating a thriving and sustainable future for Black residents of Montgomery County – together!

About The Collective

Montgomery County Black Collective is transforming the way resources support businesses. Our collective unites an original network of people and organizations, giving access to affordable consulting services, educational courses & helpful tools – all with a strong focus on equity in resource distribution. Not only do we offer these invaluable resources, our commitment to inclusion means everyone is welcome at Montgomery County Black Collective! We are dedicated to providing an environment where any organization or individual can thrive.

Our Mission

At The Collective, we strive to promote racial equity and social justice in business. We aim to inform people about these issues of immense importance for Black communities—not only to do so but encourage active participation through advocating access to resources related to capital development.

Our purpose is to strive for a world with true equality, providing the necessary resources that actively combat systems of racial inequity and injustice for African Americans. We are passionate about creating social harmony through justice and opportunity!

Our Vision

With the Collective, we’re dedicated to ushering in a bright future for Montgomery County’s Black community. We aspire to create a thriving, prosperous, healthy Black community in Montgomery County.

Our members stand together with a unified mission: bridging racial inequality gaps while promoting growth and security within their local communities through effective and strategic black community advocacy.

Our Values

At the core of our organization lies a thorough commitment to our core values. With these values as our guide, we continually strive for equity while advocating for good across the board.








Our Collective strives to ensure equitable resource distribution, encouraging business growth and success by providing low-cost or free assistance. We provide the support you need for lasting change through mentoring and connection building, equipping entrepreneurs with the skills required for the long-term achievement of their goals!

Find out how you can join the Collective today!

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