Annual Report 2023

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The Black Collective is supporting growth and development through a broad network of partners and a shared vision of economic change. For the Black Collective and our community, late 2022 and 2023 were a pivotal period. With the incorporation of the organization, after more than a year of community organizing and four public events, we established a signature program. We conducted a series of community events that engaged the Black community and the business community in increased access to economic development resources and opportunities. The signature program, AMBER, recruits small and minority business owners for a 16-week coaching and technical assistance program that helps to scale the business. AMBER is the acronym for All Minority Businesses Excel in Real Time. Through strategy planning and new supporters, we created long-term and meaningful partnerships with public and private sector supporters and key individuals that help advance our mission. We hope you enjoy learning more about our work, seeing some of the visuals from our programs, and finding ways you can connect further with us. We don’t do this work alone. Our sincere thanks go out to the board, staff, consultants, navigators, coaches, facilitators, program participants, donors, and more. We look forward to deeper collaborative opportunities as we continue to expand our work.


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